Road Trip through The Florida Keys

A few weeks ago, we took a four day trip to Miami. Prior to us leaving, we threw around a ton of different ideas of things to do while there. We had discussed taking a drive through the Keys to Key West multiple times, but we never made a solid decision. It wasn’t until night three of our trip that we decided to just go. So at six am the next morning, we hit the road. We set out with no real plans on where to stop. Just that the ending destination would be Key West. We also figured that if something caught our eye, we’d pull over and explore further.

Over years, I have always heard that the drive thorough The Florida Keys was full of amazing sights. However, it wasn’t too impressive at all. Most of the drive consisted of generic stores, hotels and a few sights of clear ocean water.

And don’t even get us started on the “famous” seven mile bridge. We were under the impression that the bridge would be just like the pictures online. Nope, not at all. Not even in the slightest. Their was construction being done on the bridge parallel to us, and the main one was like any other bridge we had ever been over before. And, to top it all off, the water surrounding was barely consistently blue throughout the drive. It was in that moment that we realized we had been Catfished by the internet. But although the drive down wasn’t what we were expecting, we still found some cool stops along the way.

One of our first stops we made was in Islamorada. We came across a store called the Rain Barrel Artisans’ Village. The main reason we stopped here was because there was a thirty foot Lobster sculpture outside of it. The formal name for said Lobster is; Betsy the Lobster. Betsy was constructed in the 80’s as an ode to the Lobster being native to the Keys. It used to stand tall in the southern region of the Keys but eventually found it’s forever home in front of this store in 2009. Take a look at how huge it is;

Chris & Betsy The Lobster!

After we finished viewing Betsy, we jumped back in the car and headed into Key West.

Once we finally made it into Key West, the first placed we stopped was at The Southernmost Point Buoy. Which, if you’re not familiar, is the Southern most point in the US.(Hence the name.) We had to wait in a short line to get up close to it, but it was well worth it. The other people that were in line were doing some sort of pay it forward system when it came to taking pictures. The people who went before took pictures of the people that were in line behind them, etc, so that was pretty cool.

After we were done soaking up the views here, we headed towards downtown Key West. We walked up Duval Street, which is lined with miles and miles of stores, restaurants, bars, and other tourist traps. We inquired about possibly doing a snorkeling tour, but the only one available was a sunset one at five pm, and that was unfortunately, too late.

Due to Covid still being actively around, a lot of other attractions in the area were still closed. So instead of sweating to death anymore than we already had, we jumped in the car and searched for our next stop. Which ended up being the Key West Lighthouse. Granted, it too, was closed. But it was a nice sight in person.

Since we were finished seeing most of everything that we could in Key West, we figured it was time to head back to Miami. But luckily for us, we had one more stop that we got to make. Which was The History of Diving Museum in Islamorada.

Even if you’re not fan of history, diving or museums, this place was awesome! I’ve been to many museums throughout my lifetime, and this one is definitely one of my top favorites. It was extremely informative, and they even allow pets. So if you’re looking for a place to cool down from a hot, busy day like we were, and learn some interesting history about diving, this is the place for you.

Was this a Worthwild Wander?

Yes. Even though it wasn’t what we were really expecting, there were still some cool things along the way that made it Worthwild. Have you ever taken the road trip through The Florida Keys? Let us know in the comments below about your own adventure there!

-Worthwild Wanderers